Amazon ramps up action against ‘fake review brokers’

Amazon took additional steps to rid its online marketplace of fake reviews by filing lawsuits Friday against a company Amazon alleges is running a scheme to push misleading reviews on the platform. 

Amazon sued Hong Kong-based company Extreme Rebate, which it accused of being a “fake review broker” in lawsuits in the U.S. and Germany. 

Amazon’s vice president of customer trust, Dharmesh Mehta, said in a blog post the fake review brokers approach customers on their own websites and solicit them to write misleading or inflated reviews in exchange for incentives, including money and free products. 

Amazon alleges Extreme Rebate’s “fraudulent scheme” provides free products and pays members up to $4 per review for five-star reviews that are at least 15 words long and include pictures or videos. 

The latest action against Extreme Rebate follows lawsuits Amazon filed earlier this year against three other alleged fake review brokers. Those three companies have stopped their “fraudulent schemes,” Mehta said. 

The Hill has reached out to Extreme Rebate for comment. 

Author: Rebecca Klar