Amazon’s CEO of worldwide consumer business resigns

Amazon’s CEO of worldwide consumer business Dave Clark is resigning from the company after 23 years, Clark announced on Friday. 

Amazon said in a statement that Clark began at the company in May 1999 and his last day is July 1.

“I’ve had an incredible time at Amazon but it’s time for me to build again,” Clark said in a tweet. 

In Clark’s statement, he commented that Amazon has a plan to combat the record high inflation the U.S. is currently experiencing.

“We also have a solid multi-year plan to fight the inflationary challenges we are facing in 2022,” Clark said, without elaborating. 

While at Amazon, Clark built the company’s transportation network and bolstered Amazon’s fulfillment and logistics program, according to Bloomberg

CNBC reported Clark’s salary was around $175,000 but he made $56 million in 2021, most of it in the form of stock awards.

Amazon said it will be a couple of weeks before the public will get an update on who will replace Clark.

Author: Lexi Lonas